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Locations - There are many more, here are some beginning ideas

Silver Lake

Located at the top of Big Cottonwood canyon. Offers the outdoors up the canyon feel, with the lake as a setting or big trees and forests also to shoot in.

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White Pines Trail Head

Located up Little Cottonwood Canyon, the trail head has a dense grove of aspen trees. Great location for winter or summer styled shoots.

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Dimple Dell

Outdoors feel, there's a meadow, trees, outdoor amphitheater. There's also a bluff that overlooks the valley and can offer some cool views especially at sunset.

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Potato Hill

Located in Draper on the way to sunscrest. Bigger overlook onto the valley. Mostly open view without much for trees. Great for a sunset location

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Draper Historical Park

More of a city park feel for outdoor but more urban feel.

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International Peace Gardens

A creative park near downtown that has different sections styled to look like different parts of the world. Has a more urban feel and better for a classier look.

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The Great Saltaire

You can walk out onto the water!

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Tunnel Springs Park

Great city park located high on the bench offering great views of North Salt Lake valley or rolling green hills.

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Often overlooked but can be fun to do an in-home session where I come to your house and pose people in the house and stage some fun activities like everyone pretending to play board games, or cooking together, or pillow fight, etc... just quality family time.